25% Of Israeli Holocaust Survivors Live In Poverty. You Can Help Them.

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Today, over 179,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel, with a whopping 25% of them living in poverty. That’s over 40,000 Holocaust Survivors who can’t afford to put food on the table! Even worse, 45% of Holocaust Survivors have reported that they live and feel alone. 

Meir Panim, Israel’s premier organization for helping Israel’s needy, works day and night to ensure Israel’s Holocaust Survivors get the food, care, and attention they truly deserve.

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Leah Kaslawski, a Holocaust Survivor, living in Israel, recently felt the care and generosity of Meir Panim after losing her husband of 52 years. The loss of her husband devastated Leah, leaving her sad and alone. Leah, once social and active, now felt as if she had no reason to live. 

Meir Panim quickly stepped in and became Leah’s lifeline. Meir Panim’s Holocaust Survivor Day Center provided Leah with meals, a social life, therapy, and so much more.

When Covid-19 prevented Survivors like Leah, who often live alone with limited human contact, from getting together and socializing at Meir Panim’s Holocaust Day Center, Leah was once again left devastated and lonely.

Although Leah was receiving meals through Meir Panim’s Meals-on-Wheels program, a program devoted to delivering food to the homes of anyone in need, Meir Panim recognized the need to provide relief from the social isolation many of our Survivors experienced during this unprecedented time.

They quickly assembled a team of volunteers to call Leah, and hundreds of other homebound Survivors every day, to ensure that both their physical and emotional needs were cared for. 

Meir Panim’s daily calls revived Leah’s spirit and provided her a lifeline during such a  challenging period.

Leah’s story is just one example of the life-saving support Survivors receive at Meir Panim’s Holocaust Survivor Day Center. For many, it is the only access they have to hot meals, professional care, and stimulating programs. 

Thankfully, the Meir Panim Holocaust Survivor Day Center is open again for Leah and other Survivors to enjoy. They are back to offering safe transportation to and from their Day Center, nutritious meals, enriching socialization, important therapy sessions, and other vital support for Israel’s Holocaust Survivors.

With the Jewish holidays coming up, it is more important than ever to ensure that Israel’s remaining Holocaust Survivors have the support they need. After all that Israel’s precious Survivors have been through, they deserve the very best.

Please help Meir Panim continue feeding and supporting Israel’s Holocaust Survivors. For as little as $45, you can help provide meals for a Survivor throughout the holidays and bring a smile to their face.
You can donate by clicking here, calling Meir Panim’s toll-free number: 877.736.6283, or sending a check through the mail to American Friends of Meir Panim at 88 Walton Street Suite B1, Brooklyn, NY 11206-4479.

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