End-Time Prophecy 101: Will Jesus Return this Year?

This is the second part in the Bible study series: End-Time Prophecy 101. Over the centuries many have tried to predict the date of Jesus Christ’s return. Dates have come and gone. Some have said that all signs point to His return this year. There is no doubt that Christ said He would come again. But can we know when this tremendous event will occur? Our Bible study will examine the timing and occasion of His imminent return.

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End – Time Prophecy 101

We all wonder what the future may hold, especially with so many troubles in our world today. God doesn’t want us to be unaware of what is to come. He has revealed much about the future so that we can have peace of mind and become spiritually prepared.
Join us for this series on the basics of end time prophecy. We’ll examine important prophecies that could have significant impact on your life. By delving into a study of God’s Word, we’ll find what a tremendous benefit and blessing it is to understand Bible prophecy!

Bible Study Series: End-Time Prophecy 101

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