Where is the Zion of Bible Prophecy?

I talk about a subject few are privy to and it has a significant impact on the common belief that the Regathering of Israel in Future Zion happened in Palestine in 1948. The Jews and Judeo-Christians generally believe this and that there would be more Jews in Zion than anywhere else if they were to truly be regathered into one great nation. However I show how there are more Jews in America than in Palestine and I´m not talking of just the outward Jews but other people of Jewish heritage in America which is well over 15 million! Half the Pilgrims were of Anglo-Jewish descent and the Pilgrims have about 30 million descendants today and so half that number is 15 million people of Jewish heritage! That´s already more than Palestine, and yet there are millions more who are descended from other “British” immigrants who were Christians by faith but were of Jewish heritage(at least partly) but many continued marrying other people of Jewish heritage like my own maternal ancestor from the mid 1700´s who was ethnically Jewish but was a Christian by faith and her husband was also of Jewish ethnicity but they were all Christians by then. Her maiden name was Swann and her husband was a Briscoe and their surnames are Anglo-Jewish and they are listed on jewishgen.org This makes me a Jew by race under their laws, but I am a Christian. And I am directly paternally descended from Zerah Judah who was the patriarch of the early Irish kings. They are also listed on jewishgen.org I guess I am a rarity:)

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