There’s something huge happening – the final moment might just be upon us! It’s day 39 of the
Israel-Hamas war, and there’s a burning question – Why are hospitals in Gaza being targeted?
Israel’s role in Bible prophecies has always been like a clock ticking away, guiding us through
history. Now, these ancient predictions seem to be unfolding right before our eyes. But what’s
the deal with these prophecies, and could this war be a piece of the puzzle? Let’s dive into this
video today to uncover the truth!

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Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is a very special place for many people. In the Bible, it’s often
called the city of God, which means it’s really important to God. The name Jerusalem actually
means city of peace. Mount Zion, where the city’s fortress was built, is super important, too.
God wanted his special place, the Temple, to be there.

A long time ago, King Solomon said that God picked Jerusalem as the place for his name to be
and chose Zion as his forever home. Even before Israel became a country again, the Jewish
people came back to their old homeland, just like the prophets said they would. Prophets like
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Amos discussed how the Jewish people would return to Israel
and stay there forever.

Many Christians who believe in the Bible think it’s amazing to see how God brought the Jewish
people back to their own country, Israel. God promised to give the land to Abraham and his
family, and that promise went to Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 tribes of Israel. So, Jerusalem and
Israel are like a package deal. They belong together because God said so a long time ago.

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