The Antichrist. What will come according the Bible. Revealing God's Plan: Prophecy, Grace, End Times

The Antichrist is destined to gain control of the world, subjecting everyone to his domination. Those who resist his rule will find it nearly impossible to function. This raises the question of the Antichrist’s origins, which we can discern from biblical revelations.

According to biblical prophecy, the Antichrist emerges from the European Coalition. Early in his career, he seizes power over three nations, eventually extending his influence to the entire European coalition and, ultimately, to the entire world. The strategy through which he aims to achieve global control involves implementing a system commonly known as the “mark of the beast.” This system serves as a license to participate in the world’s economy, and the qualification for obtaining this license is to worship the Antichrist, often referred to as the beast from the sea.

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