Season 11, Episode 2: Q&A: Answers to Your Questions

The Prophecy Pros are joined by Kari Duffy from Harvest House Publishers for a special Q&A episode!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – I know that the Bible says there will be a huge falling away in the end times. Were these people ever saved in the first place?
03:23 – What judgment is Peter referring to in 1 Peter 4, where he talks about suffering for God’s glory? I heard a preacher use these verses to support that judgment is about to come over the church and that the church will go through the fire of tribulation.
06:38 – If America is not mentioned in the end times as being here, was it ever mentioned in the Bible to exist?
08:46 – When Christians die and go to the intermediate heaven will they be in the new Jerusalem or is the new Jerusalem only later with the new heavens and new earth?
10:34 – Can you please explain why the term “70 Weeks” is used in Daniel and how that is equated to years?
13:10 – Does Daniel 2: 43 describe transhumanism?
15:45 – Is Genesis 6:9 talking about genetic purity?
19:19 – What do you think the role of the Word of God will be in the millennium and eternity? Will we need it since we’ll be with Jesus?
21:28 – Where in the scriptures does it say that our bodies will disappear at the rapture?
23:34 – In Revelation 18, it talks about the fall of Babylon. Why is the bridegroom and bride mentioned in verse 23?
26:24 – Since the Holy Spirit indwelled church is the restraining force in the world today, where do you draw the reasoning in the scriptures that people who become Christians during the tribulation will not be indwelled with the Holy Spirit during that time?

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