Omega Programme – Mod 1 – The Spine of Biblical Prophecy

The Omega Programme is a major, unique and free training course to prepare end-Time Christians to overcome trouble ahead. The Spine of Biblical prophecy is the starting point for our understanding of the end-times, absolutely fundamental to all that is to come.
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– Ancient Lyre Music – Michael Levy
– Revelation Formatted Version
– Revelation Audio Version NIV


01.22 Introduction
07:44 Prep for Mod 2
10:52 Overview
13:02 Up to Jerusalem
14:34 Who’s who?
19:54 The Stage
34:48 Luke 21 – Public Prophecy
40:40 Matt24/Mark 13 – Private Prophecy
50:17 Aligning the Spine
1:00:06 Key Events
1:29:51 Prophetic Foundations
1:32:29 Basic Timeline
1:37:19 Summary
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