France in Bible Prophecy Part 2

The French president has publicly and humiliatingly rebuked America. Learn how this stunning turn of events aligns with history and Bible prophecy—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.


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America and France have fought together in two world wars, but France often lacks gratitude for America’s sacrifice. Though hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died to preserve France’s freedom from Nazi tyranny, French leaders seem eager to favor Germany over America today.

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You will also receive our free two-part Key of David DVD series about France in Bible prophecy. The America-France relationship started thousands of years ago with betrayal, and it will soon end with betrayal. You need to know how and why. The survival of all mankind is at stake!

Also search online for the article “France—The Enigma of Our Time,” from the August 1966 Plain Truth newsmagazine. Learn how France has swung from ally to enemy with different nations throughout history, and how this fascinating country factors into end-time events. Again, search online for “France—The Enigma of Our Time,” from the August 1966 Plain Truth.

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