Cox 03 America In Prophecy 7th Beast Spoke As A Dragon

Give me the Bible 03 – Spoke As A Dragon – (video #04 will speak about The Eighth Beast – 8th Beast is of the 7, more precisely it has to be of the first 5 Beasts, and of the 5, it can only be the 5th, which is Papal Rome, The Papacy… And then Revelation 13 speaks of this 8th beast, together with the 7th which is America, that they are both AT THE SAME TIME ON THE WORLD STAGE, America creating and giving life to AN IMAGE OF THE 8th Beast, Speaking and Causing great harm to those who do NOT worship THE IMAGE and ITS MARK… Speaking=LAWS, Causing=enFORCING those Laws… THE MARK is a worship issue, THE MARK OF THE BEAST (of the 8th Beast, of the Papcy) = Enforced/FORCED Sunday Worship… )

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